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If you’re stuck trying to figure out why your site isn’t converting, or you’ve tried to DIY before but haven’t been able to get the results you wanted, I totally understand! If you’re tired of figuring it out on your own and fed up with losing income and clients, you’re not alone.

You want to be able to convert website visitors without all the stress, you want more inquiries and less confusion as to why they are not reaching out!

So that’s why I’ve put together this free strategy guide, so you can finally start optimizing your website (and your client’s sites, too!) with 11 simple action steps!

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My sales and inquiries are higher than they ever have been. The clients who are approaching me are my ideal customer and appreciate the creativity and personal attention I put into my work.

— beth

"I have had record bookings since launching 3 months ago."

I help people like you merge strategy and amazing visuals on their website so they can stand out in their industry while converting visitors into clients. A few years ago I was struggling (even though I knew so much about websites having started creating them in 2001), until I understood the magic of a conversion driven website design.

Now I have it down to a science with a hefty dose of creativity and I can’t wait to help you do it too.

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