Learn the art of conversion driven design, the merging of strategy and aesthetics, to get valuable results for your clients and raise your rates

Watch the webinar to find out why i use and love showit!

If any of these resonated with you, you’re in the right place friend! Keep reading...

You’re right on the edge of burn out, working with way too many small budget clients, and want to attract high end, custom website projects.

You want to better serve your clients and make sure the branding you’ve created for them will be best represented online after all the hard work you’ve done together!

You want to raise your rates, it’s time to stop hesitating.

You’re suffering from “shiny object syndrome” and bouncing around from platform to platform, wasting so much time learning a new one because the ones you currently offer hold you back.

Finally, you can bring in more income making strategic sites even if you work with less clients.

Are you ready to finally create custom websites for your clients without the stress of learning to code or sacrificing your vision?

Does any of this sound a little too familiar?

You’ve wanted to offer websites for a while that are more creative and convert visitors. 

You’ve tried so many platforms but they are all missing something and it’s wasting your time to keep learning new ones that won’t accomplish everything you need it to.

Maybe you’ve even tried Showit, watched all the YouTube videos, and read all the blog posts but you feel more confused than ever trying to piece together how to create strategic and gorgeous websites on your own without having a million questions.

you're not alone.

Strategy is such a buzzword lately and you feel like you’re just putting a bandaid on your client’s websites by using the brand strategy you’ve created but there’s gotta be some kind of difference, right? You wish someone could guide you step by step as to how to go from strategy to launched using the Showit platform.

If you feel completely stuck in your design business,

Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve mastered Showit and finally unlocked your potential (and raised those prices)!

What would it feel like to be more joyful in your business, less burnt out, more respected as an expert, booking higher end clients?

You’d get to be more creative, work with less clients that are better aligned with your goals and strengths. You get to define your success and go after it with confidence, knowing how valuable you are to your clients.

Imagine what you’re going to feel like once you’ve started offering websites that make a difference in your client’s business, figured out how to more easily sell your services to potential clients, have a plan for growing your business by offering better websites, and are more excited to work every day.

You’re ready to learn how to build websites on Showit, but you’ve got a lot of questions!

• “How do I start with the platform? Do I need to do anything before diving in to develop the site?”
• “I don’t even have coding experience, how could I ever make a super custom site?”
• “This seems really hard, I don’t have a plan to follow so I’m not sure I can do it.”

Between the tech and how many moving parts are involved, building a strategic Showit website can feel daunting. And maybe you’re offering websites for the first time ever! I’ve learned all about websites for 20+ years and feel more passionate about them than ever! I wanted to empower other designers to offer websites that blew their clients away and got them dream projects like I’ve been able to achieve.

If you’re ready to elevate your business and Elevate your skill set, keep reading...

That sounds amazing! But...


You can find courses teaching you how to use a website platform, but few tap into the specific benefits and opportunities that will open to you when mastering that platform or how vital site strategy is to getting results.

12 months of education, community, guidance, and the tools you need to become more confident, artistic, and profitable while building a sustainable business. Showit helped me to transform my business and I’m excited to help you do the same!

I’m excited to introduce you to...

Not being able to be your most creative is making you feel drained and not excited to work in your business that you grew. It’s making you think this isn’t the long term endeavor you originally planned.

Your client’s sites are becoming homogeneous and the branding isn’t being represented as best it can be.

You’re struggling to find time to learn to code or learn yet another platform by Googling blog posts and YouTube videos. You need a streamlined solution.

You’re feeling frustrated that all of the website ideas you have seem hard to create on your current platform and you’re feeling super limited.

Your life before mastering Showit:

Everything is about to change for you and The Art of Conversion Driven Design: Flourish on Showit is your guide.

You feel empowered, confident, and so much more fulfilled by your business and you are ready to set big goals. Being more creative brings you more joy!

You’re able to raise your prices, working with less clients at once, and giving each and every client an amazing experience. Your business and place in the industry is elevated and you stand out in all the best ways.

Higher end clients are reaching out ready to book YOU, not just a designer. They see the results you can create and they are confident you can help them reach their goals.

You are able to create anything you’ve imagined, getting to create more unique websites for your clients but also creating a distinct style you’re starting to get noticed for.

Your life after mastering Showit:

“The Art Of Conversion Driven Design is the Showit course that you didn’t know you needed. Stefani is a literal Showit genius! She is ready to come alongside you in your business journey and share her nuggets of wisdom with you - like a best friend in the industry, rooting for you. I tried to learn Showit on my own, through YouTube & blog posts, but I was struggling and had all but given up when I found Stefani’s course. I cannot recommend this course enough! I finally feel confident as a web designer and it is because of Stefani.”

— stephanie brainard

All video lessons will include transcripts and captions.

You’ll learn about the ins and outs of Showit but also how to create the best possible money-making websites that aren’t just pretty. Here’s exactly what’s in the course.

I’m here to teach you my unique approach to help you find more success and creative freedom.

• The building blocks you need to build a high converting website
• How to best organize files (even when there’s hundreds of them)
• A checklist of assets you’ll need from your clients and the best formats and sizes for Showit
• How I manage my website clients for such large projects in a way they actually enjoy

• A strategy questionnaire so you know what to ask your clients to build them the best website
• How to craft a strategy and what to think about when building one
• How user experience fits into the equation
• Creating a sitemap that will truly boosts conversions and gets better results

• What to know before designing your Showit website so you can be truly creative and accomplish your design
• How I go from sketch wireframes to full mockups in Adobe XD to create 1:1 designs (making it easier to develop!)
• How best to design site canvases like menus and footers
• Essential inclusions every website needs
• How to start planning your mobile design
• My favorite pages, sections, and ideas for:
Service-based businesses, Product-based businesses, Blog & WordPress pages, Course salespages & Funnel pages, and Overlooked pages

• The foundational basics and how to setup the design settings best
• How the website is structured and tips on how to keep it organized
• The essential tools and elements available to you
• Galleries and how to create a huge variety of styles 
• How to create forms, unique and traditional
• Links, buttons, and hovers
• Mobile and popups, like the mobile menu
• Advanced techniques and tips I’ve learned along the way
• Embedding almost any tool you can think of to make Showit work for you and your clients’ needs

• The WordPress Dashboard and how I make it super simple and streamlined for my clients
• Plugins and updates
• Posts and how I use pages for special needs my clients have
• Connecting your designs in Showit so they load properly in WordPress automatically
• Advanced blog features and design possibilities I love to use to make blogs more unique and unexpected

• The tech you’ll need to know without the stress
• Basic SEO tips and essential tools I use for myself and clients to get amazing analytics to further optimize the site in the future
• How to bring in the Showit team to help you and your client launch seamlessly
• How to soft launch and test everything before you hit publish and celebrate!

What about some bonuses?

You get access to me and our other amazing students for 12 months! Get any questions answered, receive feedback on your work, troubleshoot when you’re developing, and more!

Slack Community

Take a peak inside my brain and see how I turn a website strategy into a custom design for a real client. This is the only time I've shared this part of my process.

Real client video walkthrough

Find out how I use Google Analytics Inspectlet to continue to improve my client’s websites. Further boost conversions, lower the bounce rate, and more all from free data!


Walkthrough my Asana client dashboard with me to see how I manage all my client projects and guide my clients through our process.

Client dashboard

Meet Ryan

Ryan Moreno is a photographer turned SEO expert for creatives in the wedding industry. As a wedding photographer, he realized the need for impactful website design and SEO to convert and sustain his business. Now he spends his time coaching other creatives on how to grow their business organically with SEO.

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Get these results without having to google for hours to figure it out on your own:

The Art of Conversion Driven Design was the catalyst to me feeling confident in booking and executing client work on Showit. Without this course, I would have felt really lost and frustrated. It made my life so much easier when I booked my first Showit site client. The support in Slack is unmatched and it helped me troubleshoot things I was struggling with as I created my first Showit site. Highly recommend for anyone that wants to learn Showit and offer it to clients, but can’t put in the time or energy to figure it out on their own.

— jordan cotton

"Really thankful for this course!"

This information is so valuable, giving you the tools you need to make 6 figures more in earnings over the life of your business.


The December Oak Showit template collection!

While you're building custom website solutions for your clients, the beauty of Showit is that you can piece together sections as needed to speed up your development time exponentially! Get all of the current and archived website templates we've created to help you streamline and learn even faster how to use Showit.

Valued at $3500+

Most of our students are able to binge the whole thing in a couple of weeks!

Others might take a few extra months as they take it alongside working with new Showit clients.

There is no rush and no right or wrong way to do it. You have 12 months to take the course and plenty of time to implement what you've learned and book more custom Showit sites!

The honest answer is, it will depend on you and your current situation.

How long does it take to finish the course?

There has never been a better time to start learning Showit. Their amazing team is adding more and more new features and the possibilities are endless to the custom experiences you can create on the platform, all drag and drop and easy for your client to maintain themselves!

Why start today instead of waiting another 6 months to a year for enrollment to open again?

Starting now will allow you to:
• Create custom, unique websites that are more strategic and get your clients results
• Build a more sustainable, successful business taking on less clients but bringing in more income
• Make sure your clients get an amazing experience from beginning to end and the brands you create are represented on stunning websites
• Raise your rates, along with boost your confidence

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now, overwhelmed and attracting less aligned clients. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you had started today!

You’re wanting to only offer templates, this course is definitely more beneficial for building custom sites

You don’t want to spend a lot of time on your client sites, I deep dive with every client and teach how in this course

You already love your current offered platform

You’re looking for a get rich quick solution, I’m not promising $10k months here

It's not for you if:

You want to add websites as a service but have no idea where to start

You know your sites could be a million times better if you understood website strategy

You want to learn advanced Showit techniques without having to search the Facebook Group

You’re feeling stuck on the platform you currently offer

This program is for you if:

You don’t care how a website looks, we’re all about the magic of conversion driven design and its potential around here!

You’re wanting to raise your rates by creating custom, money-making websites that get your clients results they rave about

My promise is that after this course, you will feel more confidence and fulfillment in your business. It can make a world of difference...
I know it did for me.

I tripled my income in one year and started booking high end, dream clients who I’d always wished would notice me. My clients were booking more clients, selling out workshops, and felt more confident in their own businesses.

The biggest change for me though wasn't the income. That was a result of the fulfillment I'd found. I was finally home within my business for the first time. I was having fun and being creative. Monday mornings were a joy to start my workweek. That's what I want for you and I know it's possible.

More opportunities and money will come when you’re feeling more successful and aligned. Reaching my fullest potential got me there. It’s your time now.

Then I discovered Showit and that all changed in 2018.

Yep, you read that right. 20 years. When I started my business in 2014, I was feeling lost, burnt out, and just grasping at straws trying to do the work I loved: custom websites.

Not many people know this, but I lost money (lots of it) in the first 3 years of my business. I was lonely and not sure what to do to turn my situation around. I was creating websites that weren’t scratching my fullest potential and thought of quitting all the time.

I’m a website strategist, designer, and developer with 20 years of experience.

I'm Stefani

In case we haven't formally met,

You’ve got two choices...

You can keep using platforms that are holding you back and try to offer Showit websites by piecing together tutorials, videos, and never quite learning the best way to create a strategic website.

You could tap into my 20 years of knowledge and learn the same system I use to create custom, money-making websites for my clients, create your first Showit site, and start booking those dream clients you’ve always wanted who have bigger goals and bigger budgets.

— or —

Aren’t you ready to learn step by step how to get there?

Maybe you still have some hesitations...but I assure you, you’ve got this!

I don’t have enough time while trying to run my business!
This course is totally self paced and you have a year to learn everything and support from the community. Want to wait until you have a Showit client? Awesome! Then you can take the course as you work with them. Whatever works best for you will benefit you most!

I don’t offer websites yet, I can’t do it. It seems like a ton of work!
I won’t lie to you (it’s not my style), websites are big endeavors. But I’ve perfected my system and phases in my process to not only make it manageable for myself and my clients but outright fun. You’ll be making more income, wowing your clients, and feel confident like the expert you are. It’s all here to help you.

What if 12 months isn’t enough time to take the course?
I don’t know about you, but if I showed you all the lifetime access courses I have sitting in a dusty bookmarks folder... The 12 months allows you to take action, have access to me while you’re learning and growing, and continue to flourish once you’re done. I want to make sure you get the most out of this course!




This is the best Showit and website strategy course that I've found. I went from having very limited Showit knowledge to being able to build multiple custom sites with little to no code. I highly suggest investing in this course to gain a better knowledge of Showit and web design!

— Melissa Perkins

This course is a huge time-saver, it's full of precious information from the strategic standpoint but also all the tech details. Stefani is really knowledgable on website strategy, Showit, but also coding so she's a great help to make anything possible on the platform.

— samantha guay

Stefani's course was a game changer for me. This has completely up leveled my web design offerings. I now solely focus on Showit and have completed two websites my clients are head over heels about and I feel so extremely proud to deliver something different and fun, I wasn't able to do easily with a Squarespace site. Stefani goes into so much detail that was incredibly helpful and essential in me diving into Showit and having shipped two successful sites with little effort. This was by far on my top 3 best investments of this year!

— Donaji Mejia

You can have these results, too!

Being able to look inside Stefani's brilliant mind and learn more about how she approaches Showit websites has been an incredibly valuable investment in my business.

Outside of learning so much about how to use Showit and work within the system more efficiently, it has sparked so many moments of creativity and inspiration that I get to pass along to my clients. The uplifting, room-for-us-all community Stefani has created has been crucial to my growth as a designer and I'm so thankful for her!


How long do I have access to the course?

12 months from the date you purchase. Buy it in April? You have access until May of the next year. This counts for the live calls and Slack community as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much access do I get to you?

There will be monthly live Q&As and I’m a Slack fiend! I’m in there all the time so if you have a question to ask, a launch to share, or need support, I’m here! And if you pay in full, we’ll get together for an hour to comb through your business and streamline it to best support your clients.

Do I need to know anything before taking the course?

Being comfortable with some tech helps, but Showit is a drag and drop platform. We’re here to eliminate any learning curve there may be with the course so you’re good!

Are there any additional out of pocket costs associated with the course?

We do not include the price of Showit itself in the course or Adobe XD. We have a 10% off your first year deal (just ask us!) and Adobe XD can be as low as $5/month! You will also have to use Google Chrome when working in Showit. It doesn’t work in other browsers.

Do I need to know code?

Definitely not! But we include our most commonly used code snippets in the course so you can really push Showit to its limits and create a custom experience.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the course, its instant availability, and the ability to take it at your own pace, there are no refunds. To see the full terms including our privacy policy, click here.